Boblo Island sparked the imaginations of both children and adults for more than 85 years. It was not only a favorite pastime, but a place of leisure and recreation, a nearby getaway to escape the hustle of the city. Passengers by the thousands reached the island everyday by way of two steamships, the SS Columbia and the Ste Claire, designed by legendary architect Frank Kirby. The island tragically vanished from the public eye in 1993 when it was shut down and left for ruin along with its beloved vessels.

Although the dream of Boblo Island was lost, it was not forgotten. A non- profit organization in New York City is resurrecting the once haggard SS Columbia into a traveling museum for the Hudson River. The fate of her younger sister, the Ste. Claire, rests in the hands of a small but dedicated team of dreamers: a doctor, a psychic, and a very big fan. Boblo Boats: A Tale of Two Sisters is the story of an island, a boat, and the people fighting to keep her afloat.