“the Doctor”

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Ron not only owns the Ste. Claire, he works 80 hours a week saving people’s lives. Born and raised in Detroit, Ron earned his Doctoral Degree from Wayne State University Medical School in 1993 and immediately began working in Internal Medicine at Henry Ford Hospital. He worked his way up to Attending Physician and in 1999 transferred to the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care. Though he was hit with Stage 4 bladder cancer as well as a brain tumor, Ron never gave up on his dream to renovate the Ste. Claire into a dockside attraction. He has been married for 11 years and has two beautiful children, one of which looks forward to owning the Ste. Claire one day.


“the Psychic”

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Born in 1930 in Wyandotte, MI, just minutes away from where the SS Columbia was born, Gloria used to sit on a park bench and watch boats go up and down the river while her schoolmates played in the sand. At 11 years of age, Gloria had a mastoidectomy and nearly died. This scrape with death left her with psychic abilities that would change her life forever. She attended classes at the Boston Tea Room and began giving private readings in her 30’s. Encouraged by her father to play and sing music, she went on to give private piano lessons for 50 years. Gloria has two daughters in the medical industry and a son working as a Genius at the  Apple Store in NYC.


Boblo’s #1 Fan

Kevin fell in love with Boblo in the summers of 1981 & 1982 when he worked in the concessions department on the SS Columbia. He has one of the most extensive “Boblo Musuems” to date. He started building his Future Boblo miniature amusement park in 1987. Now it has over 40 handpainted rides, many of them built from scratch. He even owns an actual amusement park ride, the kiddie version of ‘the Bug,’ which he purchased in 2005. Kevin graduated from University of Michigan Dearborn in 1997 with a BA in Marketing. He joined the Ste. Claire Restoration Team in Sept 2007 as General Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. Since then he has created souvenirs and solicited donations totaling over $20,000.